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Domino Effect - Marketing Foundation Workshop



An interesting, interactive and informative day incorporating advice, planning, worksheets
and networking to help you learn how to promote your business more successfully.


Run by two marketing professionals with years of experience, this course is aimed at business owners who know they need to market their business but aren’t sure what to do to get measurable results.


The day will be split into 7 key sections that have the potential to make a positive difference to your business success. You’ll learn ways to showcase your business and attract, convert and retain clients as well as hear lots of top-tips and marketing cheats.


You’ll leave with a virtual toolbox of useful resources and information plus a clear and concise plan of action that can be incorporated into your working week to help you get closer to achieving your long-term goals.


We’ll provide refreshments, buffet lunch and course materials (including pre and post-course learning content). 
Just bring your brain, a phone, a laptop/tablet, pen, paper and a sense of humour for a fun, invaluable day.


NEW COURSE : Domino Effect - Content


How better content makes better business


You may have already heard that CONTENT IS KING. In the on-going battle of getting your business noticed, increasing the amount that you put out about your business can significantly help you grow your business, attract new clients and improve revenue from existing customers.


Why? Because we live in an information age – and this has revolutionised marketing as we know it.  As well as the general increase in demand for information, publishing good content really can help you get your business better known, and help you attract new customers to your company.


So, if you know you should be posting on social media more frequently, or are keen to write more blogs for your business or news for your website but you’re just lost for words then you’re in the right place!


Content Marketing is super important, and its importance continues to grow. Why? Because good content can help you:

  1. Get found. Get more easily found on the internet by using interesting, relevant and regularly refreshed content to help escalate your search engine ranking/optimisation.
  2. Get shared. People are happy to share content they find interesting or entertaining, which can showcase your business to a whole new audience and help you get found online.
  3. Get people interested in your knowledge, your expertise and your products and services.
  4. Get recommended. Good content can give people reasons to contact or recommend you, which is why it’s important to keep information up-to-date and encourage online reviews and testimonials.
  5. Get remembered. Good content can help you stay in touch with prospects and customers, such as through emails or ezines/newsletters.
  6. Get visual. Good content isn’t just applicable online, it’s important off line too. What you say about your business on your business cards and printed literature is key to whether people will make the effort to connect and find out more…
  7. Get a reputation. A good one! By showcasing examples of your work and providing examples of how you can assist. Be respestable.
  8. Get more traffic to your website so more people can view your products and services.
  9. Get more leads and enquiries that you can follow up to generate sales.
  10. Get an edge. Not all business owners have made the connection yet between good content and good business – so strike now, get posting quality content and start to get an edge over your competition.

Our half-day ‘Lost for Words – better content, better business’ workshop will provide you with the information, tips, tools and techniques you need to produce great content easily that your prospects and customers will love to help you get your business noticed.


The workshop will cover:

  • How to align your content with your business goals
  • How to make sure your content is on-trend for your target audience and marketplace
  • How to write good content that is relevant, valuable and engaging
  • How to get create with your content
  • Time busting tips for writing content
  • Easy ways to schedule content for maximum impact
  • Quick wins to help you fill your content calendar
  • Easy content fillers for busy days
  • How to find, organise and share good content and tap into the power of publishing existing content to engage your audience.
  • How to turn one idea into several content submissions
  • How free online tools can help you master content marketing
  • How to write hard-hitting, original and thought-provoking content that generates enquiries

Full of tips, tools, templates and techniques, you’ll go away with a diary full of content and a head full of even more ideas!

NEW COURSE : Domino Effect - Contact


No matter what you do as a business, at some point you need to pick up the telephone and talk to new people about your products and services if you want to grow your business.

It’s easy to hide behind emails and text messages, there is no substitute to picking up the phone and having a conversation. After all, we are human, not robots. People buy people.


Whether you’ve identified a key new prospect, or already had contact and emailed across a proposal or a quote, your chance of success will be much, much better if you are brave and pick up the phone to find out what they think of it, rather than sending email after email after email…can you see yourself in this pattern?


The telephone is a highly effective marketing tool – it can produce incredible results in your business. Yet so many businesses don’t use it to its full potential. It’s the fastest way to reach someone.


Don’t worry – we understand. You feel uncomfortable making those calls. You’re not a natural cold caller.


We are not going to ask you to cold call. We’re not looking at forcing anyone to buy something they don’t want.  In fact, we’re not looking to talk to anyone about buying anything.  It’s like taking someone on a date – you don’t offer them your hand in marriage within the first 10 minutes! You take the time to find out about them. Give them chance to find out more about you. Decide if you like each other and see where it leads.  No pushing, no forcing – just gentle relationship building over the telephone.


This workshop is NOT about teaching you to act out of character and use gimmicks, phrases, scripts or forceful closing techniques. That’s what gives the telemarketing industry a bad reputation and stops us from doing it.


Instead, we help you re-frame how you use the telephone in business. You will understand how the telephone really is a great marketing tool and not the torture device you’ve imagined it to be. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have put it all into perspective to help you scare your fears away.


The reality is that there are so many benefits of picking up the phone and talking to someone, rather than sending another email, for example you can:

  • Answer questions and alleviate concerns
  • Provide useful extra information to help their decisions
  • Understand their current situation
  • Understand your chances of working with that company
  • Let them see what fun you’d be to work with (we’ve said already - people buy people, not words in emails!)


It’s not about rushing a relationship.  It’s not necessarily about getting an appointment through one call – that is highly unlikely. It’s about talking to people. Softly softly. Taking baby steps to get them interested and win their trust.


You may get some quick wins.  Or you may make some new acquaintances who in turn become good customers or referrers over time…  They’re all steps in the right direction and won’t happen if you hadn’t picked up the phone.


This workshop will give you the confidence and motivation to make every contact count! And you will no longer be afraid to pick up the phone and get in touch.


We’ll talk about everything you need to do BEFORE you pick up the phone. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll help you through it. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know well. Finish the conversation with a new acquaintance who has the potential to become a new customer…


By the end of the day, you’ll wonder what you were so scared about!


We’ll teach you how you can use the telephone to confidently:


  • Identify & Create Opportunities 
  • Build strong new relationships
  • Stand out from your competition (especially those who aren’t confident enough to pick up the phone and talk!)
  • Use your story to create interest in your business
  • Use your personality and charism to win prospects over
  • Start a conversation confidently and with purpose
  • Keep a conversation moving in the right direction
  • Keep moving closer to your business goals.


In our interactive half-day workshop, we’re here to help you make every conversation count.  You will become part of the Domino family. We’ll demonstrate successful techniques for you to comfortably adopt. We’ll ask you to give it a try – we’ll go first! All in the safety of the training room, amongst other business people who came sharing the same fear of making calls and conquer taming the telephone together.


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